I concluded that a business plan is useless for managing the development of startups. So, a few years ago, I started using a one-page Business 


Practical example of filling in the Lean Canvas for a new business idea - a Vegan Restaurant for busy professionals.

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Lean canvas startup

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Lean Startup – Eric Ries – Bok. Bengt Hedberg - Arbetssätt, Samarbetsavtal, Konsult Bengt; Effektivare med 5S-metoden - Prevent The lean 

Compared to writing a business plan for your startup, which can take weeks or months, you can use Lean Canvas to create a snapshot of your business idea in one afternoon. A lean business model canvas determines your business model in a visually descriptive way. In the same way as the original Business Model Canvas, this ‘lean’ version, ideal for startups, will help you construct your business plan more efficiently and help draft a business model for your idea or business. We at the Startup Studio want entrepreneurs and enterprises to innovate and grow with minimum waste and risk.

Lean canvas startup


Channels (CH)4. Customer Relationships (CR)5. Revenue Streams (R$)6.

The Startup Canvas can be a useful alternative to an executive summary, slide deck, or elevator pitch. The segments in the canvas help you prioritize key elements of your idea. Beyond serving as an alignment tool between yourself and your team, you can share this canvas with potential investors who may need a way to understand the details at a glance.
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Lean canvas startup

Revenue Streams (R$)6. Lean Canvas uses the same 9 blocks concept except they’ve been modified slightly to suit the needs/ purposes/requirements of a Lean Startup.

Channels (CH)4. Customer Relationships (CR)5. Revenue Streams (R$)6.
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This version of the Business Model Canvas Template allows your startup to present its unique solutions and market competition to key partners before fully launching a product.